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Coaches Corner April 2017

First I would like to congratulate everyone that participated in the 2017 CrossFit Open, we had a record number of athletes sign up and finish all five weeks. It was truly inspiring to watch everyone come together in shared enthusiasm and cheer each other on over the course of the five week event.

Now that the Open is over and we took a de-load week to recalibrate, we can begin to get back to business as usual. For the month of April, we will be focusing our strength movements on building a solid core foundation with some compound lifts, including Zercher squats, supinated grip deadlifts, and loaded good mornings. Rounding out our auxiliary exercises we have a lot of single limb movements to help the body stay healthy and balanced. One magical day per week we will be doing a hold-a-thon, that just means we will devote our entire condition time, to condition the mind, and grind out some tedious isometric holds. They are good for you, they are challenging, and helps to keep the joints happy and build strength in challenging positions.

During the postWODs, we got some calf work going, gearing up for running season, trying to get those feet back in working order after being stuffed in a ski cast for the past six months...and don’t worry your abs won’t atrophy, we will bring back some more “core work” soon enough to get everyone all shredded for bikini/mankini season.

Happy mud season,


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