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Fitness Redefined

You will not see rows of stationary bikes, treadmills or machines, instead, you will see open floor space, barbells, kettlebells, plyometric boxes, climbing ropes, and pull up bars all used as tools to improve endurance, strength, and mobility whether in life or in sport, professional or personal, our functional fitness program will improve all quadrants of your life!

Universal Scalability

Whether you want to be an elite athlete or a grandparent who can keep up with their grandchildren, we the certified coaches at Targhee Athletics can provide the fundamentals for anyone and everyone. The needs of an elite athlete or a grandparent differ not by kind, but by degree.  One is looking to maximize their individual human potential, the other is searching to sustain and improve multi-joint functional movement. The road to both, begin the same. Here at Targhee Athletics, any movement or lift can be scaled or modified to fit any individual’s needs and goals. Our program is not exclusive, but inclusive, and designed to improve all facets of life, creating a happier, healthier, lifestyle.

Live Stronger. Live Better.

Outdoor pursuits are cherished by those living in Teton Valley, whether it be riding your bike, galloping on your horse, venturing on a summer hike, playing in the snow,  powder days, competitive sports, or anything the day sets forth. Targhee Athletics will keep you ready for all of your passions and any of the challenges you choose to face.  The beauty of our model here at Targhee Athletics is in its efficiency and application in our everyday lives.  Finding a balance between work, life and play is sometimes a challenge, but if you simply dedicate 1 hour of your day to us, we will keep you at a fitness level that will enable you to take on any of life’s adventures. At Targhee Athletics, we strive to improve fitness for a lifetime while providing a community of like-minded individuals seeking to enjoy life to the fullest.  Contact us now to start your journey. 


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Targhee Athletics, home of Targhee CrossFit. Our CrossFit program is a structured progression usually consisting of 4-6 week blocks. We incorporate some of the CrossFit methodologies regarding increasing metabolic fitness, while also pulling from many other “Giants” in the strength and conditioning field to present our clients with the best, well-rounded general physical preparedness program around.

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Endurance classes are a fun total body workout utilizing kettlebells, dumbbells, weighted medballs, plyometrics, core training, stability balls, and more! Endurance classes do not incorporate barbells or any heavy lifting. Endurance classes are designed to be fun and challenging for athletes of all abilities!

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This class is a total body workout focusing on building a foundation of strength to increase your durability in all aspects of life. This class combines compound strength movements, accessory lifts, and cardiovascular endurance to provide a strength-biased but all-encompassing workout experience. This class is great for all ages and the intensity can vary based on the loading and pace you choose.

This class is programmed out in 4-week cycles providing a framework to build upon each week. Anyone can start at any time and reap the benefits of this class. Come check it out!

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A class for ages 12-17. The main focus of this program is to help develop a strong foundation for young athletes. We do this through the development of midline strength, mobility, and coordination, with additional skills such as speed and agility work. We feel strongly that creating the right atmosphere is one of the key components to having a successful training program. Our Youth Program will provide a platform for young athletes to not only gain competence within their fitness but also help develop communication, character, and teamwork.

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