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About The Challenge:

WHEN? 60 Days Starting January 15th


Best transformation!

  • Criteria based on before & after photos and measurements (DEXA scan is a bonus but not required!) 

  • Male & Female category

  • Prize: 3 Months FREE Unlimited Membership for each male and female winner. 


  • The individuals with the most number of points throughout the 60 days

  • 1st Place: 2 Month Free Unlimited Membership 

  • 2nd Place: 1 Month Free Unlimited Membership

  • 3rd Place: $50 Gift Certificate

Team Prizes! 

  • We will be doing giveaways every 10 days throughout the 60-day challenge. 

  • Every 10 days throughout the challenge, a name will be drawn to win a prize from the team that has the highest average points from the previous 10-day time period.



That's less than 2 dollars a day...and $40/month. 

*Upgrade to a customized nutrition protocol for $240


Anyone who is looking to improve their health!


We are dividing the teams up into class times! Below is the list of teams. We encourage you to sign up under the Team Time that you are most consistent with. If you come to a variety of different class times you can pick whichever team you would like to be on or select "other" when you sign up and we will assign you a team.

  • Team 5AM

  • Team 610

  • Team 720

  • Team 830

  • Team 940

  • Team NOON

  • Team PM (includes all evening classes) 


  • Nutrition: Points for tracking your food. When you sign up you will be provided information as to what we encourage you to follow when it comes to improving body composition and health through nutrition. You are welcome to follow any "diet" you choose, the only requirement is that during the first 30 days of the challenge, you track your food (one point per day), and in the 2nd 30 days we are challenging you to hit your protein minimum (one point per day). 

  • Sleep: We are challenging you to prioritize your sleep and get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night

  • Workouts: This should be an easy one right?! One point per day that you get a workout of 60min+ in.

  • Get outside: Spend a minimum of 20 minutes outside per day. 

  • Alcohol: We are challenging participants to limit their alcohol during the 60 days. You get one point per day that you don't consume alcohol. 

  • Productive Writing/Reading: Spend 10 minutes a day doing productive reading or writing. Reading can be anything nonfiction. Writing can be anything non-work related. 

  • Water: Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water/day.

  • Screens: Avoid screens for the last 30 minutes of each day. 

  • Stretching: Stretch 10-20 minutes a day! We will be providing a series of 10-minute stretch videos that you can follow along with during the 60 days. 


All points will be easily tracked through the SugarWOD app. Upon signing up you will be granted access to the 60 Day Challenge track where you will be able to enter your points for the challenge. There will be an updated team leaderboard every 10 days! 


  • All the tools you need to create success throughout the 60 days

  • Accountability

  • A system to track your daily progress

  • The Targhee Athletics Nutrition E-book with all the information you need to succeed in this challenge.


  • Do I have to follow the nutrition guidelines provided in the ebook? No, you don't HAVE to do anything we provide you but we recommend it! If you want to do a specific diet for the duration of the 60 days that is fine the goal is that you invest in yourself for the next 60 days and establish habits that ultimately lead to a favorable transformation. You can follow whatever you want in the end, we are judging the winners off their transformation. 

  • Do I have to take photos of myself? Technically no, but you MUST submit them in order to be in the running to win the overall transformation prize. No photos, no chance of winning best transformation.

  • Do I have to be a member of Targhee Athletics to participate? No, anyone is welcome to join the challenge!  

  • I am clueless and would like more accountability, what do you recommend? We recommend that you sign up for the customized 60 day challenge where a coach will help you more in-depth with your nutrition and health goals. 

Ready to go? Sign up now!

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