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Coaches Corner July 2017

June of 2017 is in the books, hopefully everyone is getting outside and enjoying what is shaping up to be an outstanding summer. Our summer program is in full effect at the gym, with plenty of running, long stamina efforts and the soothing musical sounds of metal being dragged over gravel. We are keeping a similar format for the month of July, running endurance, stamina days and one day a week of short intense repeatable efforts. Our long term plan through the summer season is to help build a solid foundation of aerobic and anaerobic gym based efforts, to compliment the often single modality pursuits many of you have on the outside. Balance is key, variety is important, but you need repeated exposure to give your body time to adapt and rebuild. The best way we can help prevent overuse injuries, is by constantly varying the stresses applied, having said that, we feel the “constantly varied” part, needs to be “constantly varied every 4-5 weeks.” We are dropping into a new set of strength exercises, including some upper and lower body pushing exercises performed with a tempo, changing our single limb accessory work to a movement plane that was not included last month and of course doing some good O’fashioned heavy barbell movements as well. Enjoy July, I will be writing at least one more coaches corner, but after that, it is hard to say. Hopefully, we are all strong enough to survive the impending eclipse, and that this will not be one of my last transmissions..

Coach Josh

A note from Dayne: If you are using SugarWOD, update the SugarWOD app on your phone! To see the workouts, simply click the WOD tab at the top of the screen on our website. Don't forget to sign up for classes!!!!!

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