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Coaches Corner July 2020

July has us still in the grips of the craziest year I know I have every seen in my lifetime. I truly hope everyone is able to find a silver lining in the turmoil that abounds. Sometimes it feels as though you have no control over what happens and sometimes it feels as though we are all being swept up in a current bent on upheaval and revolution for better or worse. The one thing we all have the power to control is not the environment that surrounds, but the body you inhabit and the thoughts and actions that that body produces. Be kind, surround yourself with those the breed positivity and love. There is enough pain and hardship in the world already, be a beacon of light to those in need, cherish the friendships of those who take the higher path and stay away from all the petty discourse and choose to spend their time building structures and frameworks of competence instead of trying to tear it all down for the sake of feeling impotent.

Density training, a methodology that simply refers to trying to get as much work volume completed in a given time frame as you possibly can. So by shortening our rest period, we are able to get more work in at a heavier weight than if we took thirty minutes to do 30 reps of front squat, instead we are able to get our work done in ten minutes with strict time management. As well as manipulating our work to rest ratio, by the very nature of shortening the rest periods, we are also building muscular endurance. Each week the time domain and reps will stay the same, and we will try to add a little bit of weight to the movement. If I did my first week of front squats at 100 pounds at 10x3, that means I lifted 3000 pounds in ten minutes! So, by keeping the sets and reps the same each week but increasing weight, I can increase my workload to keep progressing week to week. Say on the last week I lift 120 pounds for 10x3, that means that I lifted 3600 pounds in ten minutes! A big improvement over 4 weeks. The other day that is new to us, not new in the world of lifting things, is another spin off of density training…but instead of a set number of reps, we are trying to do as many reps as possible at a set weight in a set time domain. This particular method stretches us further into the realm of muscular endurance, meaning trying to increase our bodies ability to repeat hard effort over time. The other strength protocols for this cycle fluctuate within the realm of the waking dream, meaning they vaguely resemble things we have done and seen before.

Because of the different type of strength work we are incorporating into our cycle this month, the conditioning pieces are a direct reflection of filling in the gaps needed to build our fitness without acquiring excessive amounts of fatigue…We will accumulate fatigue….Just not excessive amounts:)… One day is dedicated to work capacity, it is a fun formate that requires mental fortitude and pushes the participant to new levels of negative self talk which is not highly recommend but can also be used as a tool to promote physical growth if not self esteem. We have a running day where we are focusing on improving moving our bodies over distance, something that seems to somehow sometimes get lost in today’s world of electronic connectivity. One of our days, allows for a really short and quick metcon, this is a perfect chance to go all in. No plan B, just hammer down. No thoughts for tomorrow or saving yourself for the “next” thing, Just go to the place in which the “executive” takes over and there is no respite until the task is finished.

Cool downs are for shoulder and thoracic spine recovery…And bringing down the heart rate.

Far thee well my friends and may August bring us fairer weather and less turbulent seas.


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