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Coaches Corner March 2024

Build - Playing around with some new movements this cycle. Most of the squat patterns that we use are best performed with the whole foot in contact with the ground. There are many reasons for this, but it is also beneficial to switch it up and play with how the foot interacts with the ground with various planes of movement. The landmine offers a great opportunity to do just that, because one end is anchored to the ground it provides stability that a front squat may not, so we can stay on the balls of the feet, and drive at a slightly forward angle, changing how we push under load off the ground. We have a poor mans GHD sit up. A little funky, but allows for a huge stretch in the hip flexor and abdominals…Slow and controlled decent are highly advised here, and keeping the hips on the front side of the bench will also allow for a more supported position. The other Build this week is in the form of Olympic lifting, the Squat Clean. Olympic lifts are great to learn and a great way to build speed strength. Moving heavy weights fast. The more efficient you're technique the more weight you can move, the newer you are to the lift, the less weight you can move. If you are new to the movement, take the time to learn something new, which is also beneficial in its own way. Get out of your comfort zone and embrace the challenge. 

Build 1 & 2 - Every Minute on the Minute strength focused days. Opposing body part supersets, do one exercise then go to the next, and rest in the time remaining. The reason we do this with a clock is to maximize rest and work periods. When we focus on lifting the most amount of weight for the exercise and reps called for, we need a certain amount of time to rest and recover. This may feel like a lot of rest, but remember, it is not conditioning work, it is strength work. If you do not push the weight with respect to where you are at, then it will not be enough of a stimulus for change. I promise that if you lift heavier than usual, and push yourself to be very uncomfortable while keeping great form, you will not wake up looking like Dana Linn Bailey. But you may find that you are stronger than you thought, and can take on a little more stress than you previously thought, and things that made you anxious before, are now nothing more than tasks that need getting done. 

Sustain Build - Here is an opportunity to tackle to giraffes with one meteor hammer. Tempo strength exercises followed by some isometric core and blood flow inducing cardio. Again using the EMOM format to control for rest to work periods (more work and less rest in this case). Long session designed to build strength through a full range of controlled motion and simultaneously force some work capacity and muscular endurance by keeping the rest periods short and work load relatively high. 

Grind - Aerobic threshold. Intensity should be high but sustainable for work duration and repetition. In this case, sustainable means that you should be able to repeat the work each time around in the same rep number or time to completion. When things are aerobic, they are repeatable, not easy, just repeatable. When things are anaerobic, they are not repeatable, and require long periods of rest to truly maximize the efforts required. Sometimes it is not the heavy breathing that is the hold up, local muscular fatigue and skill based movements can come into play here, but in general, pacing should be as hard as you can go, while being able to show up at each interval and repeat the work over and over. If you can not, check in with yourself, find the hiccup, overcome and adapt.

Sustain - Longer aerobic suck fest. Do the work, rest in the time remaining. It's funny how seeing big numbers and a longer effort can make it feel that much more daunting. It's only time and effort, one stepping stone or burpee later, and soon you will be at the end. Keep focused, choose breath over despondency and action over lethargy, and the progress will come. 

Cool Downs - Breathing, core and mobility.


Ode to Moderation

Moderation washed over cobble stones

Lapped aside by the swishing of silk skirts

My own self doubt turned inside out

The key to moderation or so it seems

Be first not last to the quick

Last but not first you dick

Moderation keeps us slim, dim and away from the sun

In the shade of the extremists

Those damn self absorbed adventurers

Pushing the envelope and licking

It shut with us inside

Oh glorious moderation, how you get me so high!

I love it when you say "Stop"!

When I only want to fly

Pray tell, where do I need to go?

So that I may never grow

Cause white Collar-blue, I see only you

I am still full of holes - mind, body and soul

and I know why

Moderation has had its way with me...

And I have yet to break free!

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