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Coaches Corner April 2024

Build - Big compound movements with a cluster set format. The cluster set allows us to push a heavier load than if we were just doing one unbroken set. Because we are breaking the set up into multiple sets with a short rest between each mini set, it allows our bodies a small respite and we can keep the intensity slightly higher than if we were doing the set without the small breaks. As always, be conservative the first week, and try to add load across the next couple weeks. Also maintaining some unilateral movements in rotation, to keep it interesting and balanced throughout this block. When it comes to bilateral versus unilateral exercises, there is no right and wrong, there are benefits to both and a well rounded approach will constantly shift throughout different phases to make sure the balance sought is the balance achieved. 

Charge - The name states the intention. Very short duration, very high output. If the intensity is sought out correctly, the end state will be a mirror image of confusion and depletion. This is a great time to experiment with slightly uncomfortable weights, of course allowing for no break down in form. This is not a time go light to go fast, go heavy and go fast, the beauty of these sessions is trying to outperform yourself, and silencing the voice in your head that says the path to happiness is a comfortable life. Push the boundaries, pave the way through effort and grit, and let the body find comfort with being uncomfortable.

Grind - Hard but sustainable effort. We are looking for threshold effort. You are consistently flirting with the line of no return. In order to increase our capacity, diligent, introspective exercise must take place. The longer you train, the more work you can do, so it is natural that more work must be done, to continue to increase capacity. That means that for the same time duration, the same loading, one must continually try to outdo their previous best efforts. Once the baseline achieves new heights, the gaze and focus must shift to the next false summit of enlightenment. I say that somewhat satirically, but also with honesty, for life is a game of false summits, and if you do not have another one in front of you at all times, you should immediately change course and seek one out. 

Sustain - We want to make work repeatable. When work is repeatable it is aerobic. The longer we are at work, the less power we can produce. Just how we are wired. So when we do longer aerobic sessions, a couple things may become apparent. The weights that are used, are typically a little bit lower, the movements are a little bit less explosive and the cycling time for everything across the board becomes more drawn out and hopefully rhythmic in nature. Find a flow, focus on breath and rhythm, gracefully fall from one rep to the next and for god’s sake keep the emotional state of your inner turmoil off of your face. No one is dying, or sufficiently close to deaths door while cruising through a brief interlude of exercise to warrant a frown to make Clint Eastwood miss a step. Relax the mind, remember you are choosing to be here in this moment, in this space. Use it to build a better and more resilient version of you. For at the end of the day, all that we do, all that we can be, is better than yesterday. 

Cool Down - Calf, hip, shoulder and core.

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