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Coaches Corner February 2024

Build - Got some variations on some common movements. Subtle changes in set up can alter which primary and auxiliary muscles are targeted. Though not necessarily always needed, it can help add some nuance and newness to a movement that we repeatedly use. When performing a new movement, it is best to start light and increase in weight as proficiency and confidence build. Over the course of a couple weeks, you will most likely still be able to follow this pattern and continue to get stronger. If the exercise strongly resembles another exercise that we have done in the past, it is likely that you can use the other lift as a reference in how to load the current one we are doing, but I would still propose caution and follow the prescription from above, but it may help give some guidance on how to load your building sets. 

Build 1 & 2 - EMOM style strength work. Treat these like strength sets, not conditioning. The goal is to lift heavy weight relative to you and the reps prescribed. Like a superset, you will do one lift then move to the next one, and then rest in the time remaining. Because each movement targets a different set of muscle groups, your body has plenty of time to recover before the next set. The superset format is a great way to get more work in in less time. 

Grind - Another heater this month. Dumbbell complex fun. This was a staple back in the day over the hill. It is a great gut check. Talk about a little short workout that provides the opportunity to see what you have under the hood. Did you drop weight? Did you cut a couple reps? Did you persevere and come out the other side with a little more grit? No right answers, but things to think about…If everything all the time is a test, where did you land on this one? The other one this month, has a similar vibe, albeit easier to sandbag. If you really dig for all the gold, you will come out with a richer appreciation for what you can accomplish after the dust settles.

Grind 1, 2 & 3 - Interval style AMRAP. The goal is to go hard during the work period and recovery during the rest period. Ideally, you would be able to achieve consistent results on each interval during each AMRAP. I understand that the skill of some of these movements may inhibit repeat performances, but the goal is always repeatability. If it is only effort that is holding you back from a hard but consisting pace, be happy, because that is easy to fix. Just go harder.

Sustain - Longer aerobic session with nasal breathing. Use this time to focus on breathing cadence, and being uncomfortable being uncomfortable. The great thing about nasal breathing that it is self regulating on intensity. It does not mean you can not push hard, just that even if you are maxing out your nasal breathing capacity, relative to mouth breathing your work load is less, but it still feels really hard. So from an overall volume perspective, it is a really great addition to the week of training. You are almost forced into a longer aerobic effort, while getting all the good feels of higher intensity training, and because aerobic work is so beneficial, we will keep cycling these in throughout the year.

Cool Downs - Core, shoulders, breath and hips.


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