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January Coaches Corner 2020

The New Year is here and so are choices that need to be made. We make choices every day, decisions that are trivial and decisions that define who we are in the future. I am constantly struggling to choose the right path, and that path is ever winding, ducking and dodging. So the things done now, will define who is standing on the precipice, looking the past in the eye and wanting to hide, or standing proud of the accomplishments that have been won. Hard work and perseverance. Which ever you choose, the harder path, or the easy path, the seeds sown, are a true representation of the harvest. Do the work, see the results.

For our upcoming cycle, we will be trying a bunch of new strength movements. We will be playing around with some awkward loading ideas, forcing much stabilization through the core. The benefit of doing exercises like this is it immediately identifies and helps correct for asymmetries and imbalances, through forcing the weaker side to catch up to the stronger side. Offset loading not only hits the primary muscles targeted but also crushes the core and spinal stabilizers. Think of it as a pallof press combined with the movement being performed. Also because of the tempo being implemented, it helps to promote strength throughout the entire range of motion and correcting for jerky mechanics.

For the condition this cycle, we are trying out a new concept. Our Movement day will be set up as an interval day. The movements chosen are focused a little more on the plyometric side. I do not want this to be misconstrued as a plyometric workout, but more of a athletic conditioning day. We will be doing movements that are new and challenging to everyone across the board, with the goal of keeping training novel and the gainzzz coming….mobility gainz, strength gainz, look good naked gainz, you name it.

Post wods are focused on some core work, shoulder health, and inner thigh love. They are also programmed with intent, so as you leave early (or on time if class is a little long :()) Just remember that as you look back on the year you have just completed, and the results you thought where your due, are not to be seen in the frame where your portrait hangs. Forgive the artist and let yourself have an unprejudiced appraisal of the recent past…and consider all the other things that you chose to do, or chose not to do that accounts for the picture before you.

It's not that serious folks, it’s only as serious as you think it should be.


Ps. we are starting a Q&A where you can submit your questions about programming, movements, workouts, nutrition, etc. and we will do our best to answer them. The Q&As will come out mid-month in a blog post like this one. Click below to submit your question.

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