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Coaches Corner June 2017

Hope all the warm sunny weather is finding everyone well and excited about the upcoming months. We are ecstatic beyond belief, there is something special about being able to open the gym garage door at 5 am. We are returning to some of our fundamental strength movements for this next block. Front squats…heavy, and on a separate day some tempo back squats to help keep everything well greased. Bringing back a staple overhead strength lift with the push press, and later some 1 arm strict press to help stay balanced side to side. Deadlift, always a good idea. Death march to stay healthy and work the unilateral posterior chain. We are pursuing the pursuit of happiness through pulling, horizontal ring rows and a 3x3 way vertical pull up. We are introducing a Stamina day, this will be a little bit different format then our typical class. The warm up will be shorter, the strength work will be quicker as well, and the WOD will be longer. The idea is to focus on steady state work through out the time duration. The weights will be light and you will not spend too long at any one station. We want constant controlled, focused movement. Endurance day continues, and we will be switching every other week between a longer slower interval effort, and a shorter intense interval effort. Should be fun!! We will be implementing a couple new toys into the mix, and let me be the first to say, that it will not be a drag!!


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