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Coaches Corner March 2017

Hope everyone is fully recovered from 17.1!! And ready to crush the next four weeks of the CrossFit Open! Since the workout is revealed every Thursday evening without any knowledge of what it may involve, (except for some decidedly vague hints from Dave Castro), classes on Thursday will be mostly a longer endurance effort that can easily be approached at a little bit lower intensity to help save some for the following evening and not promote any real soreness or fatigue throughout the system. Are main strength efforts for the next block will include some pause bench press, Bulgarian split squats and one day a week continuing to work on some olympic lifting in our general classes. Even if the lifting days are extremely intimidating and you feel very out of place, I would encourage you to make it a priority to attend on these days. Getting out of our comfort zones is not easy, but can be very rewarding. Having a growth mindset, and learning something new, no matter how small is not trivial, but very powerful, and contributes to our continued growth as humans. To round out the strength work we have some tempo pull-ups, a single leg hinge (balance practice), and bringing back a fundamental movement, hinge rows. We are keeping the post WOD emphasis on the core, with the exception of Dayne Toney’s “curls for the girls and tri’s for the guys” pump session. Enjoy!!

For those participating in the rest of the Open, good luck!!


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