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Coaches Corner February 2017

The open is coming. Soon Friday Night Light’s will start, and the cut throat gym competition shall begin. Time do dial in our movements with FULL range of motion and correct counting of reps. There will be no hiding while being judged by head judge Cleve Booker and fellow competitors :). But in all seriousness it is a time to put yourself out there and do something that makes you uncomfortable. Be brave, sign up and join in the proactive suffering that helps bring communities closer together. For the month of February, we are still getting an early taste of the intensity required for the open with our “open style wods”. Continuing our winter season aerobic work with the long row sessions, and going to start seeing how we can incorporate the Air Assault bike into class sessions since we have two more coming soon (evil laugh). The new strength lifts are all oldies but goodies, with a couple new twists to keep it interesting. Heavy back squats with a lower reps as weight increases, strict press straight into push press to work local muscular endurance. Some heavy touch and go deadlifts, and of course a myriad of accessory strength work to stay balanced, keep strength symmetry, and continue the fitness journey in a thoughtful and inclusive manner.

P.S.- “we need more core”, “can we do more core”, “i don't think we do enough core” etc…..

DO THE WHOLE POST WOD. Your welcome.

Coach Josh

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