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Coaches Corner December 2023

This month marks our 10 Year Anniversary at Targhee Athletics. We would like to say thank you to everyone who has stepped foot through our doors, whether you walked right back out, or have stayed to weather the storms of life with us. It has been, and continues to be, a great honor and privilege to do what we do, and we truly value the trust and faith you put in us and our team of coaches. Thank you for your enthusiasm and vitality, not always for working out, but at least for showing up year after year :)

Build - Working on some single limb and unconventional movements this time around. Stay in the pocket with your focus and as you get more comfortable with the movement, try to increase in load, but not at the expense of cutting the range of motion. It is better to be lighter with full range, than heavy with partial. Use the strength work to build muscle and the conditioning parts to build capacity. If the weights that you are using for your strength sets do not challenge you, they will not change you, but if you compensate by shortening the muscle length for load, it may as well be the same as repping out light weights to get toned.

Build + Grind 1 & 2 - Interval Weight Training. Lift something heavy, do something hard and fast, rest, and do it a couple more times. We want to start a little lighter, build in weight as you go, knowing that as the rounds tick by, fatigue will build. We want to end at weights that are hard but doable for the prescribed reps, and use a pace on the cardio that is hard, but sustainable. That means being able to repeat the effort each time you get on an erg.

Grind - Number soup, get a bunch of exercises, do them all, rest, change the order, repeat a couple times. Other then variety, there is no special medicine here. It is fun…Do you hear me! Fun! So play along, there are some subtleties, that can be taken away though. You may find that some exercises are done better at the beginning and some at the end, more just for observation, but still maybe useful. From a mental fitness standpoint you should embrace the opportunity to be pushed out of your comfort zone so you can adapt and overcome whatever towering objective lies in your way.

Sustain - Short intervals, short rest…Many Rounds. In theory, because the intervals are short, and there is a little bit of rest between rounds, you should be able to go a little bit harder then if this was a 30+min AMRAP. Pay attention, try to find a new gear, don’t settle back into the same pace on the erg that you always use, try to go a little faster, its only 2min….By the time you get back to it, you will have more of less recovered. Everyone that has come consistently to the gym for a bit, should be able to get on a erg, and have a immediate understanding of how hard they can go for multiple different distance scenarios…You should have many speeds that you consistently use on the ergs, not just one.

Cool Down - Core, wrists, shoulders and stretching.


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