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2019 Intramural Open Week 1 Challenge, Theme & Team Announcements!

19.1 – Burpee Challenge!

Throughout the Open/Intramural Open, we will be having challenges and themes to earn points for your team. Most points at the end of the Open wins! And the Weekly Challenges are a way to earn points outside of just partaking and doing the workouts! It’s for fun, and publicity of your fitness, our gym, the community and more.

Alright we're starting out easy! ;-) This week’s challenge is all about the burpee!

Each team member can add an additional point this week by completing the challenge before Sunday at 6:30 pm. Your challenge this week is to take a video of yourself performing a burpee anywhere besides the gym. Post on your social media (Instagram/Facebook) and tag @targheeathletics, #Hashtag your team name and #TargheeAthletics. Each post is 1 point per person for your team. If you don't have and social platforms get one of your teammates to post it to theirs!

Ready or not...burpee!!

Must complete the challenge before Sunday at 6:30 pm.

Week 1’s Theme: 80s night!!

Team Announcements!

Team Swol Train
Team color: Black
Captain: David
Adam R
Eric A
Evan C
Kelly C Anne S
Carlen H
Terri S
Astrid W
Jen B
Kisa K

Team The Squatting Dead

Team color: Red
Captain: Dayne
Lauren G
Erin B
Missy C
Crystal B
Jessy L
Tavin C
Jackson B
Jaime M
Stephanie W
Jason C

Team Jacked in the Box

Team color: Green
Captain: T-Mae
Chris K
Carina A
Jill P
Kim P
Justin L
Kim J
Erin Mc.
Rob H.
Kathy R

Team Cereal Killaz

Team color: Orange
Captain: Jon
Z Lazalde
Deb L
Jane L
Tim M
Julie M
Lindsey M
Anna L
Justin D.

Team TBA...?

Team color: Blue
Captain: Anjie
Ed P
Jim B
Blake H
Melissa H
Liz L
Katie B
Ticia S
Corina L

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