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Coaches Corner October 2018

October is here, so are the amazing tree colors and cooler temperatures. They are here, and here to stay. Inside the walls at Targhee Athletics, the changes to the next four weeks will be minimal as we are two thirds of the way through our 6 week block. The first of the last two weeks will continue to focus on the same major lifts that we have been performing in our strength sets. We have done two weeks of really slow eccentrics, then two weeks of long isometric holds, and now we are finally nearing the end of our Triphasic journey, wrapping it up with two weeks of normal or typical tempo lifting, controlled descents, explosive concentric movement. Just something to note, it is not uncommon to experience a drop in performance during the last portion of this 6 week block, before the body is able to adapt and build back up. After we reach the conclusion of our training block we will take a de-load week to let the body rest and recover and then have a test week which will include some benchmark WODs and some 1-3 rep maxes.

We have spent some time earlier last month working on improving our A-lactic Anaerobic power and capacity. This month we will work on incorporating that into a little bit longer duration and see if we can't get better at pushing this into the Lactic Anaerobic zone. Basically the really sucky area that you try to avoid at all costs. 2-3 minutes of going as hard as you can with not quite enough rest to feel like you can repeat the same effort. The nose breathing continues, so does the “uncomfortable 20min efforts.” This should be done at a higher rate of exertion then the aerobic days, but not a pace that is not sustainable. Also just some good ol' fashioned CrossFit style crushers. It is going to be a good month of getting better and getting fitter.


Benefits to the breath work we have been doing, just to name a few:

  • Delay the onset of fatigue and lactic acid

  • Improve aerobic performance

  • Improve running economy

  • Improve VO2 max (maximal oxygen uptake)

  • Improve delivery of oxygen to organs and working muscles

  • Reduce breathlessness during physical exercise

  • Help prevent exercise induced asthma

  • Help maintain fitness during rest or injury

  • Help maintain focus and concentration during competition

  • Lower blood oxygen saturation

  • Provide your breathing muscles with a more effective workout

  • Breathe to maximise oxygen uptake and delivery

  • Improve will power and psychological preparedness

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