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Coaches Corner August 2018

The month of August, brings us into our next 5 week cycle. Some of the strength movements that we will be seeing, are ones that we have not done in quite some time, others are completely new. For the staple strength movements, front squat, bent over rows and close grip bench press will make up our powerful two limb pressing and pulling lifts. We have plenty of single arm and rotational exercises mixed in to promote balance and athleticism. We are doing a couple of movements that are completely new as well. A double overhead turkish getup that will challenge even the best movers, and is scalable for all!! In another one of our strength sessions their will be a focus on building knee stability and the VMO (Vastus Medialis Oblique), otherwise known as the teardrop muscle on the inside of the quad. The VMO is vital in protection of the knee joint. Also a combination dumbbell movement that puts a big emphasis on upper body strength and thoracic extension. We strive to always bring the best quality and no frills approach to our programming. We do things because they work in the big picture, there are no shortcuts.

The metcons will vary in length and intensity, some will be harder then others, but that does not mean that the easier ones are of no vital importance. All of our programs are thought out and have goals for each particular block. Just because general physical preparedness never really has a due date, does not mean you should spend your time wondering around in a swill of misinformation and catchy quick fixes.

All you have to do is put in the work, we will do the rest. Consistency and intention are king, showing up gets your foot in the door, being deliberate in practice is next, and arranging your life to maximize what you have in front of you now, while at the same time maximizing everything that WILL be in front of you in the future,… that is level 100.

(in front of you = your health, relationships, family, friends, neighbors, community etc……..)


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