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Prepare for the upcoming hunting season.

Registration now open!

When: Tuesday, Thursdays & Fridays 7am - 8am

Who: Anyone who wants to get in shape for the harsh demands of the upcoming hunting season. Our program is designed to push your physical and mental boundaries, increase your baseline strength and overall endurance.

WhatSummer is here!! But fall is right around the corner, and in order to be prepared, we must look into the future and suffer now. We know not what inevitable demands will be placed upon us in the unforgiving brutality of the wilderness. We must sacrifice ourselves to ethos of strength with deadly intent.


          We have designed a 6-week long (3 days/week gym based, 1 day/week in the mountains) strength and conditioning program specifically to get you ready for your big mountain hunting objectives. Begin the season ahead of the game with a solid foundation. The goal is so that when you go out in pursuit of your objective this upcoming season, you’re going to be starting off in peak condition, and at your highest point of fitness. We want to prepare you for the demands of big mountain travel. In the end the mountains don’t care how tired you are, how much your lungs hurt or how much your legs burn. The stronger you are, the faster you are, the fitter you are, the better your going to be at hitting your target.


  • Mental Toughness: This has become a very catchy thing in the fitness industry, this phrase "mental toughness". But we think what is missing, is how it is being applied. Mental Toughness can be trained, it can be learned, and the old adage is true "if you don't use it, you loose it." Mental Toughness needs to be used daily in all things; training, learning, and using it to help temper against things that are harmful to the best version of you.  

  • Strength: The bottom line is that there is no downside to gaining lean muscle mass, NONE.  

  • Endurance: We as humans should have the ability to move ourselves under load over large distances, ALWAYS. 

  • Injuries: A lot of injuries happen because we get tired. Our program is designed to make you stronger as well as to increase your work capacity and cardio-respiratory endurance. Which in turn helps you stay more cognitively aware, make better decisions and stay alert for potential hazards at all times. We use all sorts of training tools to achieve this.

The journey to a successful season begins prior to stepping in the backcountry. Click below to reserve your spot now. 

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