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Coaches Corner November 2022

For the next three weeks, every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday will continue to be dedicated Ski Fit training days. Tuesday and Friday will be general strength and conditioning and for the most part, will be used as days to focus on other things that are not so heavily used during the rest of the week…Like legs. The last week of this block falls on Thanksgiving, so it is a natural time to use it as a partial De load from the intensity Dryland Ski Training.

Dryland Ski Training

Monday - SF1 - We have progressed through the heavy eccentrics, and are partway through the holds, and will be finishing off with regular old run-of-the-mill back squat triples. The main component that stays a staple in Monday’s training, is of course Leg Blasters. We are introducing the Full Leg Blaster as a new progression alongside the Mini to get more volume in without just adding more and more time.

Wednesday - SF2 - Total body mixed model aerobic conditioning. Build full body muscular strength and endurance. We are looking for consistent effort across the time domain on these sessions. To make sure pieces of training are aerobic in nature, repeatability must be shown. With the format we will be using, it is easy to tell whether you go out too hard, too easy or just right.

Thursday - SF3 - The strength work for the tail end of Dryland training is shifting focus to the backside. Romanian Deadlift, and isolating the hamstrings and glutes with some isometric wall drills. Keeping muscular endurance up, and trying to stay bouncy with some low level plyometrics. Getting closer all the time to days of endless powder and pillowy turns.

Tuesday & Friday - Non Ski Fit days. Upper body training and aerobic intervals. These days should support and not detract from the rest of the week. Approach them based on how you feel, if you are cruising for a bruisin, go hard and heavy, if you want to move and recover, go low and slow.

Cool Down - Mostly stretching with a guest appearance from Jane Fonda.


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