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Coaches Corner March 2023


Spring is in the air…Somewhere.

Build - We are working up to some heavy singles for the first time in a long time. Try to really focus on quality warm up patterns, going heavy is no time or excuse to let form slip, if anything it is more important than ever to maintain excellent technique and ranges of motion. Olympic lifting is also on the menu…Be patient and stay lighter, and really focus on the positions that are imperative to hit, to make consistent and heavy lift completions. Upper Body push and pull, go heavy for the rep range and number of rounds that are prescribed.

Charge - Go hard, take chances…These are supposed to be short and very hard to complete under the time cap. Again, stick to full range of motion for the exercises, but go out on a limb and see where your limits are.

Grind - Moderate length conditioning. Too long to go all out, and too short to not go really hard…So find a balance and Grind through it. With the interval nature on one of the days, you can even go a little harder than usual, knowing that you have a rest coming up. No two workouts are ever the exact same (Unless they are repeats, but even then, fatigue is different, emotions are different, etc...), so neither should be your approach, always be varying your thinking about different processes and strategies to accommodate for whatever pieces of the workout will be most challenging for you.

Sustain - Nasal breathing mixed model. This will take a little bit of time to get used to. But the best way to approach it is to go out slowly and as you settle in, find the limits at which you can work, and still maintain nasal breathing only. You can play with the “power in”, “power out", nasal breathing, or just a comfortable effort that does not make you feel like you are drowning. We are not doing this for no reason. We want to get our bodies more efficient at getting rid of the waste products of energy metabolism and get more comfortable with CO2. Increase CO2 tolerance and become more efficient at offloading waste.

Cool Downs - Down-regulation of the central nervous system, stretching, and core.


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