• Joshua Rempel

Coaches Corner March 2021

Over the next 3 months, I will be posting one general theme from something we have been working on regarding mindset. This month we are briefly discussing the idea of “Foundation before expectation”. Following this first post will be the breakdown for training this month of March.

Foundation before expectation.

Unrealistic dreaming of perfect performance leads to self-sabotaging goal obsession.

“A large body of psychological research has demonstrated that the more time people spend fantasizing about desired outcomes, everything from passing school exams to losing weight, the less effort they put into pursuing them, and the less likely they are to achieve them. Distinct from mental rehearsal or practicing a sport mentally at rest, which is proven to enhance performance, fantasizing about desired outcomes is a maladaptive coping skill, that may be associated with a lack of confidence in one's ability to make these outcomes happen through one's own efforts.” Matt Fitzgerald

When energy is redirected from dreaming into doing, and challenges that seem too great, are met stoically and with repetition, former dreams are turned from intangible expectations, into evidence-based beliefs, and a foundation upon which performance can thrive.

Talk without action is cheap, and dreaming in perfection is a form of paralysis. Focus on tasks that are slightly outside your comfort zone. These are different for everyone and vary more on the extremities than in the margin. Journeys are different for everyone, but the concept of challenges to be fought, is not so much different, only the perception and scope. But in general, are all ways to move the marker forward. And over time, chasing competence through practice, rather than dreaming in perfection, moves the marker way farther than any previous expectation would expect.

What does this mean? In a nutshell, that we do not deserve the right to be jealous of others who have what we envy when we have not sacrificed anything to deserve it. We do not deserve the r