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Coaches Corner June 2024

Build - Mixing it up a little bit this month, working some full strength sets focusing on one side of the body than the other. There is no magic here, just a fun way to change up the monotony of getting jacked. Also doing some dedicated glute and arm work, since summer finally decided to show up, it is time to get the sleeveless summer campaign underway. 

Build + Grind - Interval Weight Training. A great way to build strength and work capacity. Go hard and heavy on the strength and go hard and fast on the cardio. Use the rest to recover and do some active mobility. Change requires adversity, no adversity, no change. Everything is hard. Working out with intention and dedication is hard, but allows for a massive amount of benefits from rewinding the clock of aging to improving health biomarkers…There really is nothing on the planet that is as beneficial for curating a functional lifestyle like consistent exercise. Being sedentary and inactive is easy, but the ramifications of this choice is hard in the long term. It will catch up, it will multiply, it will eventually lead to premature breakdown of the body and spirit. Choose you're hard, there is no easy path. One requires some discipline and with that comes the freedom to explore and enjoy life in ways that you may not yet be able to conceive. The other is fraught with anxiety and a feeling of quiet desperation because deep down there is a voice screaming that you are not living up to your potential. 

Charge - Hard and short. Sometimes it is worth pushing your own self imposed limits. You don’t have to go dark, but maybe you should, maybe save it for another time…Either way the opportunity to play in the devils yard is there, whether you want to see the ghosts of limitation, or flirt with possibility, is up to you. A very small percentage of training should push into the place of no return, but sometimes it is worthwhile, you will find out a lot about yourself as you chase the shadows of who you think you can become. 

Grind - Slightly less intense than the dark alleys that confine the cobwebs and skeletons of your soul, but still a place that your mother warned you about as a child. Find a flow and do not let up, demand more from the weakness that resides inside. Go a little heavier than normal, go a little faster. Have the fortitude to require superb quality of movement, and have the awareness to rest if needed to gather yourself before continuing, having to break up sets, or regroup is not necessarily a sign that you need to scale, it is a sign that if you continue with conscientious integrity in regards to current limitations, you can build your capacity over time, and conquer even the most daunting task with poise and grace. 

Sustain - Hard work repeatable over time. Mentally taxing, physically possible. Duration is accounted for, the speed and load of the work is the variable. Settle in, embrace the unknown and breath into the space that leaves room for the mind to shine. Don’t let excuses muddy the waters, stay focused and demand hard repeatable efforts. Choose your hard, hard in the moment, or hard in the future. Different kinds, different outcomes. Strength is never a weakness, and weakness is never a strength. 

Cool Down - Foot, core and mobility.


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