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Coaches Corner July 2023

Be happy with the progress you have made, and every hungry for the gains that are left on the table.

Build - Two days that resemble the same thing, but with different exercise selection and targets for body function. Quality over quantity. These efforts are not for time, and best served heavy. Use weights that challenge you, but allow for presence of mind and excellent technique and mind-muscle connection. There is plenty of time in each Round to really focus on what you are doing, and pushing your limits within reason.

Sustain Build - Every Minute on the Minute style day. Muscle endurance and mental stamina. Once you establish a baseline of expectation, try really hard to maintain that for the remainder of the workout. Don’t sacrifice form for reps or taking the easier path when things get spicy. Keep a strict tempo when called for and execute every movement with deliberate diligence, and keep pacing appropriate when called for.

Grind - Multiple AMRAP’s, go out at a pace that you think you can maintain for the time duration and then make sure it is repeatable on the next go around. The sets are decently large, break them into smaller bite-sized chunks if needed, so you can extend out the range of your cardiovascular literacy.

Sustain - Long interval day. Keep pacing tough, with the built in rest, you should be able to continue a fairly high output for the entire time. This may vary on how you feel, what you're outside life consists of etc…But for the most part, this kind of interval rewards a threshold style effort. Be present with your mind and patient with your expectations.

Cool Down - Hips, hanging, core and grips.

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