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Coaches Corner July 2022

Looking forward to this month of gym training. Camp Shanty Town, is coming in nicely on the north end of the property. Soon, we will be hosting weekly homeless anonymous support group meetings for any of those interested, come one come all…

Build - New month, new training. This block sees us pursuing some new formats. We are doing two days that have similar outlines, but differ slightly in application. Each one of these sessions consists of opposing muscle groups getting swole, but by choosing different angles of attack and using strategic exercise selection we can bias the stimulus. Lift heavy, and pray to whatever deity tickles you're fancy, that the next time you look in the mirror, it does not shatter with the overbearing pressure of your most recent vein bulging pump that has been bestowed upon you. We will also be doing some olympic lifting one day per week. Enjoy the process of learning new things. Olympic lifting is challenging, it takes a lot of practice to come to a place of realizing how much there is to learn. Revel in the process and welcome the challenge of trying to pattern new pathways of movement.

Grind - “SMMF” Mark Twight coined this term. So don’t yell at me. “Single Mode Mind Fuck”. Pretty self explanatory. These are going to be single exercise workouts for time. Sure, they suck, but so does a lot of other shit. At least with this you should be able to control how you are going to react…Are you going to stay home? Are you going to tell yourself excuses about how you have had a hard day, and just need to get through this? Or are you going to step up to the plate, go all in with a plan, and execute it accordingly?

Sustain - If it's not a Build or Grind session, then odds are, like 100%, that it is a Sustain workout. Two different types this block. One longer AMRAP, and one longer interval. Pacing is key with longer duration training. Learn to work within many paces, learn to work different paces within bodyweight, cyclical and mixed model scenarios. The better you become at learning how much work you can do in a wide variety of environments and with an eclectic selection of resistance, the better you will become at translating intensity across a varying expression of sports and activities.

Cool Down - Hips, grips and guns.


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