• Targhee Athletics

Avoiding Your Vices

This week for the 2021 Health & Nutrition Reset Challenge the Wildcard for week 2 is to skip one of your vices for the week. Pick a vice or "bad habit" that you would like to cut out for the entire week. This can be alcohol, sugar, chips, coffee creamer, soda, ice cream, or anything that you think negatively impacts your health and nutrition or is something you would just like to try and cut out of your diet for a week.

Here are 4 steps to help set you up for success when avoiding your vice for the week:

1. Set Your Intention.

Define your why and revisit it when cravings are testing you. What benefit would you gain from abstaining from your bad habit? Is that benefit more money in your wallet? Clothes fitting a little more comfortably? Will your cholesterol level drop?

2. Prior Planning.

The most effective way to make a change is to create and follow a plan rather than charging ahead blindly. Clean out your cupboards and get rid of the vice your trying to avoid. If you can't throw it in the trash put it somewhere out of sight or a different spot than normal to help remind you that you are trying to avoid it.

3. Rely On Your Network.

We are here to help! Keep yourself accountable by talking to your coaches and people close to you about how and why you are deciding to avoid that "vice." Journaling or posting to social media can also keep motivation up, not to mention accountability.

4. Address Cravings.