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2022 Nutrition Challenge Interview: Jim Berkenfield

Jim Berkenfield got 3rd place in the 2022 Nutrition Challenge with Targhee Athletics. Over the course of the 6-week challenge, Jim lost 21.5lb and a total of 11.12cm!

Here is what Jim had to say about the challenge:


2022 Nutrition Challenge Interview

3rd Place Winner

Jim Berkenfield

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m a pretty normal 52 year old. Lived in the Grand Teton area for 30 years. Love being outdoors in all aspects.

Why did you decide to enter the 2022 Nutrition Challenge?

I was hoping to drop some weight to increase my output in the gym.

What did you enjoy most about the challenge?

The timing was good for me this year, in that I could do the challenge and also attend at least 5 classes per week at the gym over the last few months.

What was the hardest part about the challenge?

Just the first 10 days or so as my body adjusted. I was pretty low energy.

So, run us through a typical day. What did you eat? What did you do?

Well, every day begins with coffee and half and half. Never give that up, no matter what. I essentially did a modified RP diet. Lots of food actually. About 2500 calories per day. Just was very structured, didn’t cheat. Eliminated processed sugars and wheat. Reduced dairy to the half and half, as well as Greek yogurt.

What was the #1 takeaway from this challenge?

It is harder to lose weight at my age vs. my 40s. I have to be more disciplined. My metabolism is noticeably slower now.

What changes have you noticed, besides the physical ones?

Besides the weight loss, I experienced a pretty radical change in my gut health. Reduced dairy, sugar and wheat have all made for a much happier tummy.

So, do you have any final words? About the 2022 Nutrition Challenge, or anything else?

It’s good to do annually. Helps keep me in check. Losing some weight definitely improves my performance and experience at the gym. Thanks for that.

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