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March Coaches Corner 2020

March 2020. Short and sweet.

Strength this month is going back to a more traditional format. 4-5 sets of 3 different exercises. Then some intentional conditioning. The first movement in the strength set is the primary lift, the second exercise is an auxiliary lift and the third is a structural or core movement. That does not mean the other movements are not important, it just means that they are programmed in such a way that the first lift will be the most taxing for the entire body, then more taxing at a local level, and lastly hitting some midline stability or strength on the third. On 2 of the days we are doing 5 sets instead of our typical 4, this will give us a chance to get in 2-3 heavy sets instead of just 1-2.

Interval Flow is staying for this month, we will continue to get better at programming these days, and working on putting together movements that give you an opportunity to progress as a mover and work at a moderate intensity while really using your brain to focus on quality, repeatable movement patterns. Anyone can go through the motions, but only a present individual will be able to repeat the same quality repetitions over and over. Aerobic day is also on the menu, with one little difference this month. We are encouraging you to nose breath at as high an output as you can sustainably manage for the given time domain. And by encourage, we mean mandatory participation. There is no reason to not participate willingly in nasal breathing. Go as slow as you need to, to be able to keep our mouth shut while you exercise. It is good for you. Nasal breathing enables you to get Nitric Oxide into the body, which helps in the transportation of Oxygen to the tissues that need it. It helps keeps your nervous system out of fight or flight mode by keeping you more on the parasympathetic side of the spectrum. Become more efficient at nasal breathing and you are picking at some low hanging fruit to drastically improve your endurance game. Because 2 of the strength days being a little longer, the 2 conditioning pieces accompanying said days will also be a little shorter, shorter and sweeter. Push the pace, go out hard and hold on the entire time. Get out of your comfort zone.

Post wods are all things we have done before, but we continue to do them because they are addressing issues that a vast majority of people suffer from. Tight shoulders, tight adductors, tight hip flexors and a questionably stable core. PVC DISLOCATES, this is probably the most abused exercises done in the gym. Listen to the coach and pay attention to how you are performing this exercise and you will actually get some benefit from it, instead of looking like George Micheal playing at Star Wars in the garage. (Arrested Development reference, youtube it)


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