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Deep Roots - Physiotherapy, Performance, And Breath at Targhee Athletics

We are very excited to announce that Lance Einerson will be opening his practice Deep Roots upstairs at Targhee Athletics!

About Lance:

My name is Lance Einerson. I’ve spent my life in the mountains and in the gym chasing human adaptation and loving every second of it. My wife Kandice and our three kids (Jack, Audrey, and Ruby) and I just moved to Victor. I received my bachelor’s degree from BYUI in exercise physiology and my doctor of physical therapy degree from Touro University Nevada. Both of those degrees took work and I’m proud of that fact that I have them. But not as proud of the experience that I’ve gained from coaching over 4,000 hours of CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.

As a seasoned coach and physical therapist, I have a unique perspective on athleticism and longevity that’s often missing from the rehab and performance setting. My goal is to improve the “Human Beingship” of every person I work with. In other words, my goal is to show you the strength and adaptability that you’re capable of and help you tap into it. And I sincerely believe there’s no better place to do that than Targhee Athletics.

I consider low back, knee, and shoulder issues my rehab “bread and butter.” On the performance end of things breathwork, exposure training, and nervous system control are my areas of expertise and fascination.

I look forward to helping you exceed your goals and stay in the game longer than you ever thought possible. So the next time you “tweak” something, need some help with your aches and pains or want to explore some different avenues in performance, I’m just upstairs.

You can find more information about my work and me on:

My podcast “The Deep Roots Podcast with Lance Einerson”

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