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Coaches Corner January 2019

As we enter into 2019, I hope every one is going into the New Year with great enthusiasm for continuing to pursue a better version of themselves. I do not like the idea of New Year Resolutions, just because the motivation for change, quickly becomes stagnant as the road becomes more difficult, and you move further into the long year ahead. It is easy to procrastinate, and shuffle your feet about sticking to the previous desire to change, because you have a whole year in front of you to accomplish the goals that you set. I am all for starting a new habit, writing it down and setting in motion a plan for new goals, or trying to change some negative behavior. But don’t do it because it is the New Year, and it is fashionable to declare your unwon victory over your current self, do it because you should have started it six months ago. Happy New Year!!!

At the end of February, we will be beginning our annual Friday Night Lights. It is a 5 week event that is the start of the CrossFit games competition season. Because we have a lot of athletes at Targhee Athletics who participate in the 5 week event, the current class programming will have a slight bias toward preparing everyone for movements that we do not usually focus on in our regular programming. Specifically the Olympic lifts. The Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk. We are focusing on one lift once per week for the next four weeks. I would encourage you to really be patient in learning the correct technique, and embracing the opportunity to learn something outside of your comfort zone, even if you have no intention of participating in the Open, or Olympic lifting in the future. It's always to to challenge your mind and body to learn something new!! Learning the basics of the movements can help increase coordination, balance, proprioception, and how to transfer power thru your entire body. On the other two strength days, we are focusing on building strength at end ranges with our tempo back squats, pull up holds and deficit push ups.

In keeping with the Open theme, we will be repeating one previous Open workout per week. To the best of each individuals capabilities, I would encourage you to really push yourself on the days of the Open style WOD. Show up, put your head down and go hard. Maybe I am being a little over dramatic….but don’t lallygag, push, leave it out on the floor on the Open days.

We have one day a week that is optional to wear a weight vest for those who wish to challenge themselves and can do all the movements with authoritative technique. We have a couple other repeating themes through out the next month as well, and we do this to help modulate the intensity that is invested throughout the week. It is more sustainable in the long run to train under threshold, then to always redline the first minute and hang on for dear life the remaining nineteen.

Post WODs include some mobility and core work as par for the course.

Wishing everyone a truly spectacular 2019!!


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