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Coaches Corner December 2018

Happy Christmas season!! Cheers to another successful trip around the sun, we here at Targhee Athletics would like to thank each and everyone of you that has entrusted us with part of your physical well being, and taking the time each day to share in the journey of lifelong fitness. We are always striving to improve your experience here at Targhee Athletics and have many diabolical new toys coming soon, and plenty in the queue for the new year to come.

For the month of December, we are stepping back a little bit from the barbell. We are going to hit a lot of single arm and leg movements, worked in with active mobility to work on balancing the system. Quite a bit of dumbbell work, and bodyweight exercises focused on building some foundational strength for improving and correcting imbalances that may have escaped unnoticed throughout our last couple cycles. We have the skater squat which is a fantastic single leg pushing variation, archer ring rows for the upper body horizontal pull, a really great eccentrically focused hamstring exercise in the nordic hamstring curl and the list goes on.

For our conditioning this month, we have a couple new formats. I only mean “new” in the sense that we have not done them for a while. Most of the fundamental ideas in strength and conditioning already exist, not to say that everything is borrowed, and stolen….but a lot of “new” ways of training are just tweaked and repackaged then hawked at nauseam to those innocent souls who do not know better then to believe what they are told… But I digress. So in short what I mean to say, is that there are some different conditioning protocols that we are incorporating this Holiday season. We got some “sprint to rest” work, so everyone from the start is on there own time, but has the same amount of rest as everyone else.

We are going to continue doing some Every Minute On the Minute days, these days are a good way for you to try and push yourself with some higher level CrossFit gymnastic movements while taking into account where you are as an individual and scaling accordingly. Still working hard, still doing AMRAPS, and still running with the D-R-E on the streets of T.V.

We got a lot of good wholesome recovery and mobility work coming your way during the Post WOD this cycle. Trying to stay healthy, keep everything working properly and cruising into the new year a bigger and better savage than you entered into it last year.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Coach Josh

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