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We're hiring!

We are looking to add 1 part-time coach to our world-class team.

We are looking for coaches that first and foremost fit our culture, our vision, and our values. Our ideal candidate is someone who is humble, hard-working, and great with people.  We want someone who loves being a part of a strong team, and enjoys giving and receiving feedback.  Knowledge and experience is a plus, but likely not the determining factor.  

To apply, please take your time going through this entire post, our website, social media pages, and podcasts.  If working for us feels like a “hell yeah” for you, then shoot me an email at and tell me a little bit about yourself, and why you think you would be a perfect fit for this position.  

Full-time FTX/BeachFit Coach


We are looking for coaches that can come in and coach 15-20 hours per week of FTX and BeachFit classes. We believe that the best way to make a career out of being a coach is through a combination of personal training, group classes, and taking on 1 or 2 roles outside of coaching like programming, events, sales, social media, etc.

  • Minimum Requirements:

    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer or Comparable Functional Fitness Certification

    • Team Player – Humble, Welcomes Feedback

    • Understands and is driven by the FitTown mission and vision

    • Understands and lives by FitTown Core Values

    • Your role as a coach and a leader in our community must come before your own training.

  • Key Responsibilities:

    • Coach all scheduled FTX and BeachFit group classes

    • Attend and actively participate in weekly coach’s meetings and coach’s development sessions

    • Be available to take on personal training clients and 1-on-1 fundamentals a minimum of 10 hours per week

    • Never ending pursuit of coaching excellence via continued education, coach’s development sessions, and 1-on-1 coach’s evaluations.

    • Participate (as an athlete) in FitTown group classes at least 4X/week minimum.

    • Eventually take on a role outside the gym. Social media, programming, front desk, sales, marketing, nutrition, etc.

  • Additional Expectations:

    • FitTown (and the role as a full-time coach) is a top priority in your life.

    • Adhere to FitTown core values inside and outside of the gym (including social media)

    • Be an open source of communication. No gossip.

    • Cover additional classes when needed (up to 4 per week)

    • Fulfill all opening and/or closing duties

    • Be on the floor and engaged with members at least 10 minutes before and after every class.

    • Be fully prepared for class (lesson plan) prior to the 10 minutes before every class.

    • Greet and take care of walk-ins and drop-ins whenever present at FitTown

    • Post regular gym/member updates to Slack

    • Actively participate in all FitTown hosted coach’s development sessions and 1-on-1 coach’s development sessions

    • Help stage, clean, and organize the gym before and after all classes

    • Help set up, clean up, and run events such as beach WODs, in-house competitions, and parties.

    • Continued education and never-ending pursuit of coaching excellence

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