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Tuesdays 7am, Thursdays 7am, Fridays 9:30am

FREE TRIAL WEEK September 11th - 14th
4 Week Program September 18th - October 12th


  • Strength Collective a basic strength program for the wise & masters-aged 35-65 among us who want to get stronger, gain fitness and become a more athletic version of themselves.

  • If your strength and fitness has been sidelined and you need to find a new game-plan; or you’ve simply been looking for a class you can take to become stronger and you’re willing to work, but need something fun with a little lower intensity than CrossFit — join us!

  • This 4-week program is suitable for any non-injured master-aged person, as well as for those who’ve been cleared to begin a strengthening regimen post orthopedic surgery; or whom are rehabbing an orthopedic injury; or those with osteoarthritis.

  • Strength Collective will meet 3x week performing basic limbering, strength & mobility exercises utilizing a progressive overload format from week to week, over 4-weeks.  This is a pilot program, if well received we will continue with another 4-week program so you can keep your progress going.

  • This class will be taught by group fitness instructor and strength athlete Corina Lymburner utilizing bands, dumbbells, barbells, and a good dose of humor.  Slamming barbells is allowed ...Let’s GO!

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