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Prepare for the upcoming winter season.




This is a  progressive, intense, 6-week,  gym-based training program. You will train 3 days/week for a total of 18 training sessions. The intention is that Monday, Wednesday & Friday are are training days while Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday are recovery days. You can adjust the days as needed (ie you'd rather train Tuesday, Thursday Saturday).


This training program is designed to be completed in any commercial gym, with basic equipment. This program is not intended for beginners. You should have a basic knowledge of training and know how to warm up. Please make sure to warm up properly for every session and spend at LEAST 10-15 min doing so. Sessions should last about 60 min. 


This training program is set up to be completed sequentially. Exercises and volumes build as it progresses, so don’t skip around. Start at the beginning and follow the sessions in order.


Program Goals:

  • Build the eccentric strength and strength endurance in your legs to prepare you for the eccentric loading which occurs during skiing.

  • Build the lactate tolerance and recovery in your legs so you can ski harder longer, and recover quicker during stops or between runs.

  • Build your core/midsection strength and overall strength to add stability during skiing and increase overall durability.

  • Build your lower body connective tissue, hamstring strength and overall strength and stability to help protect your body from injury during the ski season. Muscle is armor. 

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