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January 2022 Coaches Corner

January 2022. Wow, what a roller coaster it has been to get here. Some of the things that we take for granted have come under threat, and some things that we would never have thought possible have come to pass. The good news is that we are still here, time continues to roll on without pause for reflection or discussion. Now is as good a time as any to do this on your own. Think about where you are now, where you want to be and what you need to change to get what you want. If you are perfectly content with everything that you are, you have maximized all your potential…Then congratulations and humor us mere mortals as we continue to struggle through the mundane necessities of crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s. If there is a lesson from all this chaos that has preceded the last couple of years, it should be that nothing is given, and everything can be taken away. Nobody cares. That is why we need to live in a way that is good for us now, and good for us in the future, so we can be the example, we can lead from the front, and make a difference. Start with your health, and help those around you who need some inspiration and motivation to make some healthly changes in 2022.

Build 1 & 2 - Bench Press, the king of all upper body movements. We will be working up to a rep max at the end of this block. A good strategy is to leave a little in the tank each week, the reps will decrease as the weight increases…The last couple of sets should be heavy, but doable. Leave the maxing out for max out day. The other lift that we are working on, is the Clean. Power or Squat, whatever you can do more of when we test. During practice though, we want to work on improving all aspects of the lift. Technique over weight on this lift. Weight will come with better technique. This lift is very technical, it takes time and reps to see improvement. Be patient.

Our other Build session this cycle consists of some single limb movements.

Grind - Quite a bit going on here this block. Pay the man. Nothing worth having comes easy. Working some intervals, be precise in output, make them sustainable across all rounds. As fitness and consistency improves, then try to increase output, but only after showing true mastery over the exercises that make up the battlefield. Seek out intelligence on the enemy, ruthlessly strip away all weakness from within and face your inner demons naked and unafraid. Or, just come to class, and do what the coach says and try to do better each time you show up. However you want to think about it, your call.

Me, I will take the road less traveled by, and strategically slay my foes, one by one, and stack them like cords of wood, row upon row, reaching out into the horizon as far as the eye can see. Fitness takes no prisoners.

Sustain - Intervals. Work, rest, work, rest. Sustain pacing needs to be…Sustainable! We want to work in a space that is doable, not easy, but not hard. This pacing is fluid over time, the fitter you are, the harder you can push and be in the correct zone. The less fit you are, the easier you need to go, to make it sustainable for you. That is why it is so important to be aware of the weights that you use, the paces you keep, what is easy, what is challenging, and to always be pushing for improvement. We are not here for the cupcake ride. Treading water is a fool's errand. All things are always falling apart and in constant need of repair. Either you are persistently upgrading, staying just ahead of the trending downward spiral, or you have fallen prey to the sweet song of slothfulness and are moments away from selling your soul to the world of Meta. Plugin and float away. Being happy is only a pair of goggles and a couple downloads away…

I feel we are starting to get off track…Be cognizant when training, and the results that are available to all, will grace you with their golden touch sooner rather than later.

Cool Down - Hips, arms, and grips.


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