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How Targhee Athletics Can Help You Prepare For The Upcoming Mountain Bike Season

Believe it or not, it’s time to start getting ready for the summer…I know! I’m excited too! One of my favorite sports is mountain biking. Pre-Season is the time to start thinking about working on your training for better results on the bike this summer. If you are a regular to our group classes you are on the right track. If you are on the fence about training or just finishing up the ski season, check out just some of these reasons to get into Targhee Athletics for the off-season. Let’s take a little deeper look into what we can do to increase our output on the trails this summer.

Early in the pre-season is a great time to address muscle imbalances. Working on single-limb movements is a great way to train out imbalances. You’ll see in our program many of these unilateral movements during each month's training cycle. All of our programs can help improve your muscle imbalances. Making you that much more prepared when the rubber meets the dirt.

Once you’ve improved on your imbalances, it’s time to look at joint strength. Joint strength makes you more resilient after a crash on the bike. Our build portions of the workouts are designed to teach us how to use functional movements to move loads across long distances efficiently. This helps us build strength to get up, over, and around all those challenging obstacles on the trail safely and without injury. If perhaps you do crash, you have done the work to help endure the crash.

Power and endurance! Targhee Athletics will increase your power and endurance across the board in whatever sport you play, mountain biking especially. Most of us don’t have the ability to ride every day of the week so incorporating weekly gym-based workouts into your program is a great way to improve both of these all in a one-hour session. Train at the gym to be able to endure longer rides, generate power when you need it, and recover faster.

Waiting for the summer riding season can get long! Pass that time here at the gym and be more ready than ever before at the start of the riding season. Watch for more group rides this summer and be sure to get your bike maintenance done early so when the trails open you're ready to roll. See you at the gym!

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