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Coaches Corner September 2023

Build - For the most part, we are focusing on single limb movements this block in our strength work. Not everything will be splitting the body in half, but a majority will. As always, use the strength work to hone in on pushing yourself to move with intent first and increase in weight second. We still need to be using weights that are challenging to each individual, but not at the expense of poor movement quality or massive compensation in the preferred positions. Focus on trying to feel the correct muscles working and always striving to maximize range of motion within those constraints.

Build + Charge - Interval weight training with a different style strength piece. Start with your weaker side first if you have some strength asymmetries, and quickly transition to the other side. Once your first movements are out of the way, attack the cardio with a high intensity, but try to keep it sustainable across all rounds and efforts. If you go out really hard, and end really dragging or slow, you have fallen out of the system we are trying to work, we need to spend time building that system up, the more time you spend in the range we are trying to work, the more improvements there are to be made.

Charge - There is no where to rest on these efforts, hit each one as hard as you can (without dying), and do your best to bring the same attitude to each piece. They are short, and the recover is almost full, go hard and recover well in between each short burst of work.

Sustain - Mixed model aerobic base training is one of the most undervalued tools the gym has to offer, if it is true that you get better at what you work, then doing cyclical cardio has its place, but leaves a lot on the table that can be improved upon. Take running for instance, and this is not a nock on running by any means, just an example. Running is great, but is predominately a lower body exercise, so is biking, hiking and just about any other outdoor cardio activity (with the exception of some to be sure). Yes it is total body, but I have never heard anyone say they could not take another step because their arms are so tired from running all day. This is where doing some similar lower intensity gym aerobic work can be so powerful. We can incorporated total body exercises, strung out over longer time domains to get some of the incredible benefits acquired from long slow distance, but in such a manner that can not be gotten any other way.

Cool Down - Core and stretching.


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