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Coaches Corner September 2022

September 2022

All we have is now, nothing is given everything is earned. And rent is due everyday. LFG.

Build - At the beginning of a new block, when trying to pick new weights for movements it is best to error on the lighter side. There are a couple reasons why this approach works well. First, new movements can create a decent amount of soreness. Second, new movements are just that! Use the first week to get a feel for how the exercises work, and get a lock on proper movement patterns. Also, this approach gives you room to grow in the coming weeks. If you go super heavy on week one of a new four week block, it is really hard to make progress, and mentally this can be very frustrating and discouraging. Ideally, by the time you reach heavy weights, and intensities on cardio that are really hard and challenging, it is nearing the end of a block, and we are gearing to switch it up, and start over again. We have a decent amount of strength work this go around. Big compound movements and itty bitty single limb movements.

Grind - Working at the limits imposed by movement selection and program design. Choose wisely on loading for these type of workouts…As long as technique and range of motion are not compromised, it is totally acceptable to get out of your comfort zone and push the weight a little bit, you may not be able to be the first one done, or be the fastest in class, but empty victories are best left at the door, it is self improvement and the overcoming of personal challenges and limitations that we should be carrying over the threshold.

Sustain - With Sustain style workouts, the goal is to still go hard, but also keeping in mind the length that is required for the workout. So naturally, the intensity will be lower, because the duration is longer…not easier, just different. Running 400m as fast as possible is a really terrible feeling, but only takes about a minute, give or take. Running 10 miles as fast as possible is also really hard, but takes around 80 minutes…give or take, and is a totally different kind of sucky. One is very high intensity, but short duration (400m Sprint), and the other is low intensity, but longer duration (10 mile Run). Each one requires different energy system capabilities and training protocols to be expressed maximally. Neither is easy. When we do Sustain workouts in the gym…It should be similar, we want to go hard, but not so hard that the work programed is unsustainable. Over time, the feeling expressed will feel similar, but the amount of work that gets done, improves. Daily deposits build a bigger and brighter future.

Sustain + Grind + Charge - Nose breathing (Sustain), nose in mouth out (Grind), and full on ape mouth breathing (Charge). The first time through, go at a hard pace but allowing for the constraints that are built into the system, nasal breathing only. The second time through, same idea, hard pace but inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth on every breath. In theory, you should be able to get more work done with this style of breathing. Lastly, breath how you normally do, combined nasal and mouth, in and out. You should definitely be able to get more work done breathing this way, compared with the first 2 styles. Each round is as hard as you can go, using the parameters presented. Listen to your body, learn what makes you breath harder, and were you can recharge…Learn your gears, push the limits that you have imposed upon your tender soul and ask the gods that bless our every breath for the enlightenment that comes with exploration of the shadows were our fears lie the densest.

Cool Down - More stretching than usual.


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