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Coaches Corner September 2020

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

We are doing some fun new stuff this month.

First off, we will be doing some “cluster” sets…not to be confused with the conditioning movement referred to as “clusters”, which is as if a squat clean had relations with a thruster, hence the combining of the names. The version we will be doing is done in a very specific manner and is used primarily to increase the recruitment of fast-twitch muscle fibers, increase strength development, and neurological adaptations. Next on the docket is our newly termed “be an athlete day”. Not everyone on our staff has consented to the terminology. But regardless the machine pushes forwards. Our goal with doing different things is many-fold, but here are the most tangible principles. We all get stuck in movement patterns that as we age become more and more redundant. We don’t cut, or change direction quickly. We get stuck doing the same sports or activities that tailor toward consistency in execution…We get stuck doing the same thing and lose the nuance of creativity in movement. So hence, be an athlete, and all I mean by that is try new things, try them with intention, be open to failure and good-natured criticism :). There is no fun to be had with people who succeed at all things, and truly, nobody actually likes them. Just Kidding, but something to think on is that nature abhors a specialist and most perfectionists stay in their lane…I Digress. We have one interval weight training day, lift heavy, breath hard…This combination is a sure-fire way to increase work capacity, build quality muscle tissue, and torch the spare tire that plagues the Adonis beneath. We have some unilateral work to stay balanced and Da Vinci-esque in your appearance, showing the world that we do not only smash weights in the saggital plane.

Aerobic day will be a row extravaganza for the next foreseeable future (5 weeks). It is going to be awesome. Follow the coach's instructions and you will see progress. Play for stakes, commit, build resiliency. And lastly, have fun. Just Kidding. Follow coach's instruction, show up, do work, leave knowing that you gave it all you had and that tomorrow is truly not guaranteed, and it does not matter because what you were focused on was crushing today..mission accomplished.

Cooldowns are as follows: Good for you, LEAN MASS inducing, and meditation for the soul.


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