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Coaches Corner October 2023

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Going on 10 years here at Targhee Athletics.

Bounce - We have a new addition, with some entry level plyometrics. We will be performing these 2 times per week before our strength work. We are looking to build lower leg elasticity and strengthen the knee and ankle complex. When performing these, try to have as minimal of ground contact time as possible, and as little knee flexion as possible. We want to jump as quickly and as high as possible, all while never letting the heels touch the ground. No big knee bend, no spending a lot of time preparing for the next take off. Focus on quick, explosive jumps, driving the balls of the feet into the ground on each contact.

Build - A lot of lower body strength work during the next 6 weeks. We will progress through with some core lifts, and work as many angles and movement patterns as we can that will ultimately make you stronger and more able to enjoy doing what you love. Even though you go down the slopes predominantly with your legs, that does not mean that it is not important to work the core and upper body as well. The strength portion of one of our ski training days is dedicated to upper the upper body, with a plethora of core work strategically scattered throughout the week as well. Muscle is armor, and nothing protects the bones and joints better than having strong tissues that hold them together. As with all strength work, we want to be working with a weight load that is hard but doable for you as an individual. Not where you think you should be, or where you were a year ago, but where you are now. That means, checking your ego at the door, prioritizing form and range of motion first, and then adding weight allowing that those two other factors are always coming first.

Build + Mobility - Because we have such a heavy workload leading up to Friday each week, we are mixing it up on these days. A little bit lower intensity, with some good functional mobility work baked into each section. Feel free to still go heavy on the lifting portions, but stay present and intentional with the mobility work as well. Even though these portions are built out like an AMRAP, they are not for time…Quality over quantity.

Grind - Building monsters. Muscular endurance. The bread and butter of improving performance out on the mountain. We are doing a modified version of the original Leg Blaster that everyone has become so well aquatinted with over the years, and not to worry, it is most likely a little bit worse, not easier than before. Also, we have some total body conditioning and also one day dedicated to building strength in the bent leg, tuck-like position that is paramount to be able to shred from top to bottom out on the ski hill.

Sustain - Contralateral aerobic conditioning. You build aerobic capacity in the range that it is trained. By doing it with full-body movements, and focusing on doing them across the body, we are able to maximize blood flow, improve the circulatory system, and build out all the necessary components that makes doing more work with less effort possible. Also, with the added benefit of doing this with only nasal breathing, there is a built in regulator which makes sure we are staying in the correct energy system to maximize these benefits. Work at the limit of what you can consistently maintain by only breathing in and out through the nose.

Cool Downs - Stretching, blood flow, foot strength, and glute work.


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