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Coaches Corner October 2022

It can be easy to become complacent this time of year. Things seem to be slowly winding down, in preparation for the change of seasons. For many of us, there can be a shift of activity or sport focus, and with that shift in focus, it can be easy to take the foot off of the gas pedal in regards to goals that were set, or promises made in good faith to keep working hard in preparation for the unknown and unknowable. Waste no time in resetting and reworking through what you hold dear and begin down the road that will help keep you on track to whatever it is that is going to give you the best opportunity to represent yourself in the world. What you do now will show up next year…Think how much further ahead it is possible to be if effort is given and not forsaken now? It is much easier to maintain great health and fitness, than it is to rebuild from the ground up what has been dragged through the proverbial dietary Holiday Skid Row. Eyes up, training momentum forward and hand out of the cookie jar.

This block is a little bit different, and will also make next month a little bit different. We continued on with the same format from last month for the first week in October. That is because we are now dropping into our annual Dryland Ski Fit training. For the next six weeks, every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday will be dedicated Ski Fit training days. Tuesday and Friday will be general strength and conditioning and for the most part will be used as days to focus on other things that are not so heavily used during the rest of the week…Like legs.

Dryland Ski Training

Monday - SF1 - We will be doing some low rep, long tempo work with the squat that will progress through the weeks, also upper body pressing strength and core. The main component that will be a staple in Monday’s training, is of course Leg Blasters. If there is one thing that we have learned over the course of our combined decades of training experience…It is that Leg Blasters never get easier, you can only do more…And that they work. There is no other stimulus that seems to produce such resounding results. Come get your quad pump on.

Wednesday - SF2 - Total body mixed model aerobic conditioning. Build full body muscular strength and endurance. We are looking for consistent effort across the time domain on these sessions. Improvements come in the range that they are trained. In order to be a beast in all nightmares, time must be spent working to improve those theatrics. If you are only a one-trick pony, then when the landscape shifts and brings in new challenges, you are caught unprepared. Experience moving weight and the body through a myriad of situations and resistances. This gives the best opportunity to be a chameleon in a crowd of monsters.

Thursday - SF3 - More leg work, but with a single leg focus. Big push for building stability and stamina in the thighs and surrounding joints, and some upper body pulling to round out our first three weeks of Strength for Dryland training. The rest of this day continues with the theme of building leg stamina and endurance. But also mixed in, is some total bodywork as well. Isometrics are incorporated quite a bit here…The first few weeks are a lot easier than the last couple…Enjoy the easy times, they don’t last forever.

Tuesday & Friday - Non Ski Fit days. Since the legs are getting hammered with our Dryland programming…We are mostly avoiding putting added stress to the lower extremities on these two days. It is not completely possible, considering that we walk bipedal, but we will do what we can. Time to get the second story jacked. Upper body push, pull and carry. This is where the bread is buttered, sure, for actual performance on the slopes, the leg days are important…But if you want to put the vibe out on those sunny days, hanging around the beer tent with your shirt off…Then you do not want to miss these. If you do miss them, then I would suggest keeping your shirt on, but definitely take off your pants so everyone can see what kind of thunder thighs you are packing.

Cool Downs - Calf, core and glute work.


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