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Coaches Corner October 2021

Hard Work Pays Off (HWPO). This is a phrase that Matt Fraser coined working with Nike. It is as true as anything else is true. How can we tell if it is true? What is true? Truth is something that has not yet been proven false, but instead verified by hundreds of millions of first-hand accounts, and still stands…as unfalsifiable.

Try and prove it false.

The first week of the new cycle will be unlike the others. We will be doing a version of a De-load week, before dropping into the volume-heavy, sport-specific white powder program beginning October 11th.

October and November will have some elements that tie the cycles together. Ski Fitness is back and will be run in regular classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Our 6-week Dryland Ski Fitness program is going to be incorporated into our current class schedule, so you may see some new faces in the gym on these days!

Build - We have 3 separate Build sessions this cycle. There is a big emphasis on single leg strength, both front and backside. With this unilateral approach, we are also trying to balance out the lower body, leg to leg, as best as we can going into a very sport-specific season. Along with making the legs as bulletproof as we can, we want to make sure to not neglect the rest of the body. We will be hitting some compound upper body movements, to ensure that we do not blow away like leaves in fall. We will be incorporating “tempo” on some of the lifts, this is very useful in building strong and healthy muscles and tendons. Tempo is a cadence for each repetition, not a punishment. Drop a little bit in weight, let go of the death grip holding tight to the ego, and adhere to the prescribed count. Hard Work Pays Off.

Grind - Yearly Leg Blasters. The best tool in the toolbox for building muscular leg endurance. Yes, they are hard, but…See a theme? With the volume that we are pushing this cycle, we will be hitting a bunch of Grind sessions as they are more conducive to helping manage overall fatigue. One day is all Grind work, with no strength, one day consists of Leg Blasters, and one day of ergs, core, and functional exercise. “Functional exercise”, what a fantastically vague term :)

Sustain - Two Sustain efforts this cycle. One of them is a Ski Fitness day. The other Sustain session is an aerobic base building day. We could also term it as an active recovery day, but it falls under the Sustain umbrella. Nasal breathing, keeping intensity lower, but blood flow and muscle oxygenation at a premium.

Hard Work Pays Off. One way of looking at this, is doing the things that you don’t want to do, but you know are good for you, they move the needle in the right direction. It is not only coming in on the days you “feel like training”. It is showing up every day, to all things, in all ways. Putting in the work with a mental devotion to improving in all areas on and off the training floor. Food is fuel, not a reward or coping strategy. Sleep is paramount, not a negotiable. Stress is part of life, but not all stress is created equal. Learn to manage it, not react to it.

“Emotions make excellent servants, but tyrannical masters”. John Seymour

Cool Downs - Mobility for the foot and body.


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