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Coaches Corner October 2020

Fall is here, and that means starting to get ready for ski season!

Starting October 12th, we will be doing two days of Ski Fit work every week for six weeks. We will be doing leg blasters on Monday and more leg stuff on Thursdays. So if you do not like doing leg training…I would recommend not attending class on Monday’s and Thursday’s for sure :)…But like the meteorologist says…There is a chance of leg showers the rest of the week as well.

Front rack step ups, front squats, trap bar deadlifts oh my!! We are really putting in some time on the ol’ drumsticks this cycle. Squatted from the bottom, now we here . Anybody :) ? Well, either way…moving on. We are also playing around with some novel strength formats. The one thing you can say about this current situation we are passing through is that it definitely pushes creativity on the program design side of things.

So, two days of Ski Fit, one day of nasal breathing with kettlebell flows and bodyweight ninja moves, and one day maxing out reps with varying percentage prescriptions over the course of four weeks. The last day that we have to speak about is a single leg hinge focus, with the staggered stance RDL, and also a total body crusher with the Turkish Get up. The single most important thing we do here at Targhee Athletics is to try to make it so your body is not the limiting factor in your life goals. We are here to build you up, inspire and provide a “safe space” where you can explore the dark corners, and come out on the other side, stronger and more mentally put together then when you walked in the door. We exist to make your life better. We continue to evolve because stagnancy carries the promise of mediocracy. An unchallenged life is no life at all. We have been helping keep people uncomfortable since 2013.

Cool downs are chock full of core and glute medius strength work. A breathing drill, and a couple new exercises that focus on bent leg calf strength and scapular movement plus body awareness.


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