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Coaches Corner November 2023

Just past halfway through Ski Fit 2023. There will be some changes to the movements for the following three weeks. We still will be focusing on getting our legs ready for the upcoming ski season, but will also be changing up some of the exercises that align with the programs goals…Building strong and enduring legs, along with a strong chassis to minimize the risk of injury to the best of our ability.

Build - We have moved through eccentrics and isometrics with the Back Squat, and for the last 2 weeks, we will be doing regular tempo Back Squats to move as much weight as possible for the designated reps called for. We are including some different accessory exercises to aid in building a robust core and further strengthening at risk areas of the body, such as shoulders, backs and ankles. We are progressing to a more stable and loadable lower body pulling exercise, the Romanian Deadlift, but adding a tempo to increase time under tension and lower the weight needed to get a good stimulus. We are also making sure to get upper body pushing and pulling in, even though you do not go down the slopes on your hands, the upper body should not be neglected in a well rounded approach to building a durable physique.

Build + Mobility - The intent, is to get in the gym, and hit some body parts and movement patterns that not only help you improve your mobility, but also hit the areas of the body that have not seen a whole lot of work throughout the week. You improve in the space that stress is applied, and because doing a whole bunch of curls may be fun, it is not specific to the desire of building legs that can withstand the abuse of flying down a ski slope. Bearing that in mind, giving space to allow the legs to recover, while nocking around, working on some often neglected aspects of training is a no brainer.

Grind - Leg blasters and ski conditioning. A whole lotta reps. It works, something so simple and yet so effective. Progressive overload over time, through adding load or volume, and sometimes both. Who woulda thought. General physical preparedness and another day designed to build muscular endurance and mental fortitude.

Sustain - Aerobic training with the added benefit of nasal breathing as a built in limiter to keep you in an aerobic zone. Nasal breathing is nothing short of fantastic in this regard, it keeps the workout feeling really challenging, while keeping you in a sub maximal exertion state. There are other numerous takeaways from exercising in this manner, but one of the biggest is the self regulating nature of restricting your breathing volume, allowing you to work moderately hard, yet get the feeling of really pushing. This helps the body have a lower intensity day and recover before the next big and strenuous effort. Unlike cyclical efforts, which predominantly push a lot of volume on only a few body parts, doing this through timed intervals and with the entire body rotating through exercises with a relatively small load, helps maximize blood flow and engages the whole system in a manner that is hard to replicate outside of the gym.

Cool Downs - Stretching, glutes and core.


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