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Coaches Corner November 2020

November 220.

SkiFit is still running on Monday and Thursday. The strength portion on Monday is new, but the leg blasters continue. The strength portion on Thursday stays the same, but the conditioning piece is different. So same, but different.

There will be one day of heavy lifting followed by some Every Minute on The Minute (EMOM) percentage work. We will also be able to incorporate more rig play on those days because we will split the class in half. One day of pretty stereotypical CrossFit, at least for us, strength and then a WOD. Aerobic Sustain is still in play. This go around, we will have a longer sustained effort with no rest between stations. We will also not be doing nasal breathing, I mean you can if you want to…but it is not required.

Quite a bit of foot and balance work during this upcoming cycle. The foot is probably the most undervalued piece of anatomy that we have. Our ancestors, who most likely also took 2-3 times as many steps in a day (15,000-20,000), walked with minimalist foot support, through terrain that demanded the utmost agility from the foot. Now we walk around with mattresses strapped to our feet on flat hard surfaces that required no dexterity or imagination from the foot whatsoever. We are soft, our feet are soft. We are going to do some work on our feet.

After a hard workout, the best way to begin the recovery process is to bring your body back toward a parasympathetic state, into rest and digest. When we train, we are in a sympathetic state, fight or flight. You can not recover in such a state. Yelling at the radio or that idiot driver who was texting in front of you and did not move when that light turned green, can also drive you into a sympathetic state….So when this happens, work on controlling your breath. A very easy way to do this is with seven-eleven breathing. Inhale for seven seconds, exhale for eleven seconds and repeat for 3-5 minutes or until you feel yourself relaxing from the point of wanting to stab someone in the eye for having the audacity to believe in something you do not.

Be nice, be kind.


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