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Coaches Corner May 2023

Almost Summer.

Build - Our strength work this block is robust. A lot of different angles and new looks coming your way. Throughout the week, we hit each body part a number of times. There is some well known literature on how much volume per week is advantageous for maximal muscle growth. If you would like to spend the next few years of your life going down lifting rep schemes and body part split rabbit holes, you can. All that info is to get as big as possible. So how do I balance out all that added bulk? You may realize you would also like to be able to go do stuff outside without feeling like you are downing while not in water. So, in order to do that, you start reading more literature, soon, you may want to quit lifting, and start only eating organic, farm fresh granola and dust off the old running shoes to begin your journey to getting properly in shape, and chasing the orgasmic yet never attainable runners high that everyone has wet dreams over. After loosing all your meathead gains and finally realizing that Lycra is not flattering on anybody, you begin to ask more questions…If I do not upload it to Strava, does it still count? If I do not take a nature selfie, was I really out there? Is it OK to not tell everyone how much I can bench? And through inquisitiveness, and a dedication to self discovery, you realize that you can lift weights, AND eat salads, and still be happy. That there is a middle ground, surrounded by all kinds of strength and cardiovascular activities, with none being held higher than any others…except, consistency.

Build + Grind - Lift heavy go hard. Great combination. New spin on an oldie but goodie. Whichever portion of the lift you are weakest with, will determine how heavy you can go. Use the first round to suss it out, and build in weight and metabolic output, until you are questioning the amount of discomfort you are willing to put yourself through.

Charge - These are one off really hard efforts. Charge pieces are not “typically” designed to be repeatable, the amount of anguish and emotional trauma that they create is/should not be sustainable. That is why we do not do them that often. So when they do come up, enjoy the sensations that they bring, anxiousness, discomfort, feelings of impending doom, whatever it is, just sit with it, let it weather and age inside of you…Then when called upon, let it all hang out, bring the storm and unleash it in a constructive torrent of fierce devastation.

Grind - Unlike Charge sessions, Grind efforts need to be repeatable. That does not mean easy, in fact, if Charge pieces are above your threshold effort, Grind pieces are just below threshold, so that means really uncomfortable, but repeatable. It can probably be debated which one is worse…Grind work tends to be a little longer in nature, therefore stringing out the barrage of sensory inputs telling you to do less. Don’t listen, in fact, try and speed up.

Sustain - Longer, sustained work. Cardiovascular health, tissue tolerance, better fuel efficiency, and muscular endurance. There are so many benefits to all the pieces of the puzzle that constitute longevity, that in order to thrive in the game of life, all aspects of the pie need to be accounted for and acted upon. Welcome to Targhee Athletics. From building muscle, to running it all off, we have a little bit of fun for everyone!

Cool Downs - All the stuff that is not sexy…Mobility and stretching.


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