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Coaches Corner May 2021

Turning the page. May 2021.

This new cycle we will be doing a couple of our last strength bench mark tests. Also we will be sprinkling in some of our TBD metcon tests. These are going to be tested roughly every six months. The goal is to be able to have some markers that you can refer to, and be able to check in on progress. Also with the advent of having some data driven results, it is up to the individual to then be able to look at the results objectively and take that information and use it to drive positive change. What I am trying to say is that just because we are now going to have some benchmarks to reference, the outcome of the results should be judged and looked at honestly and not emotionally. Think big picture trends, and not getting hung up on little deviations from the path.

Build: Three Build days this cycle. One of the days is the last of the “testing” movements. We will be working up to a 3RM Bench Press at the end of the cycle, and also working up to a 1RM Clean. This can be either a Power or a Squat Clean. While practicing, really focus on learning both, but when it comes to test day, which one you can move the most weight with is the best one to do. The other two days consist of some unilateral pushing and pulling, midsection rotation and stability conditioning.

Charge: Go Hard. These sessions are meant to be attacked, no pacing and waiting until the last one to “finish strong”. Start strong and try and hold on. One to one work to rest intervals. The goal is to be able to repeat each effort, but by the end, the amount of mental fortitude needed to dig deep and hold out is going to be immense. But that is what we are trying to achieve. Explore the corners of your darkness and build a relationship with the things that reside there.

Grind: We are hitting one station session, and one day of “work up to a heavy…” and then EMOM session. The EMOM session will be partially played off the strength movement and the other part will be to make sure to get the heart rate up and keep it fun. We have some really, really good stuff for everyone of all temperaments.

Sustain: New sustain format for this cycle. Keeping it fresh. Cyclical work, mixed in with some low barrier to entry amraps. Exercise selection for these types of workouts is very important, we want things that help us improve and adapt without beating us up and driving neural fatigue in the wrong direction.

Cool Downs: All the same things that we usually talk about except for one notable difference. Keep your eyes open for the new exercise called “Scotty Charlene’s”. This has been named after our very own Coach Char. Of all the Coach’s, Char has the best and most jacked looking arms. If you are fortunate enough to have her coaching when participating in this class, make sure to ask for any special tips or tricks to get the most out of the exercise. We can, and we will continue to wage war on all things small and undefined.


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