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Coaches Corner March 2022

New month, new block. Why is it important to stay in the present and try to become better through putting intention and purpose behind tasks? Because competence does not happen without thoughtful direction. Or I should say mastery does not happen without intention. Going through the motions, mindlessly being a participant instead of an active player, comes at a cost. It robs us of meaning, it steals time that we will never get back. It keeps us distracted, pining after the next shiny thing, or ranting about the oblivious nature of some incompetent moron who dares to think different. Stay in the present, focus on what is right in front of you, make the moment count. Make changes from the inside out, and the ripple effect will be much more impactful upon those within range.

Build - Going back to a little bit of olympic lifting practice this cycle. There are many benefits one can garner from the lifts, in the beginning as you are becoming more familiar, the gains will come in the form of learning new things. Very similar to learning a new sport, don’t worry about how you compare to others, the lifts are very complex and take a long time to be able to express true competency with them. But as you do become more competent, then the lifts become even more useful as you learn how to manipulate your body in space to be able to transfer maximum force to another object, in this case, the barbell. Patience grasshopper. Our other two Build sessions this block, are back to a familiar format. We want to increase weight and difficulty across all rounds and over the coming weeks. We are switching it up and doing quite a bit of unilateral work this block, as we are coming off of a lot of bilateral movements from the last four weeks.

Charge - One Charge session on the docket. These days need to be attacked, they are short, with almost full recover allotted between efforts. They are not long enough to get the adaptations we are looking for if you do not bring the heat. Lace your big boy/girl shoes and go to work. There is no other path except through.

Grind - Two different Grind styles for your enjoyment. One is station dominant, do some work, rotate, do some more work etc…These will be geared toward exploring some new movement ideas, should not be soul crushing, hard but not breaking the bank. The other Grind day might be a little bit harder. Back to a classic AMRAP style. The goal is to get as many rounds or reps as possible in the time domain. The approach and outcome looks different for every one, but one thing that should be a constant, something that should look the same on every face, in every labored breath is the effort!

Sustain - Two days, two distinctly different tracks to gainsville. What type of gains? Breathing gains, health gains, mental gains, physical gains, sexy gains, confidence gains…the list is endless. Nothing exudes progress like pounding away at a cardio machine with less than maximal physical output, all while breathing through your nose, through a constricted feeling airway. But from the outside looking on, pain face relays the true individual internal adversity. Like someone farted in the car, and it just so happens that all the windows are frozen shut. Go as hard as you can, but only breath through your nose. It’s fun, I promise. The other day, is a slow build in intensity, the goal here is to learn about yourself. Some introspection will go a long way in figuring out how to pace correctly. If the ego wins the day, the likelihood is you will slow down each consecutive round, if you are truthful with were you are and your currently ability levels, each set should get progressively faster until the last, which is about as hard as you can go, factoring in the volume and fatigue that has already been accumulated.

Cool Down - Core strength, spinal mobility and rotator cuff stuff.

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