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Coaches Corner June 2022

Build - Super Squats are here. Start light and leave some room to increase week to week. There is plenty of time to grow on this squatting format. By the end, loading should be such, that at the half way point, you are questioning if what you picked is safe, not because you are losing technical proficiency, but because you feel like you might start bleeding from your eyeballs, and the stress, and internal pressure of the weight is striving to drive you into the floor. Just keep going, it means you are in the sweet spot. The other Build days consist of some heavy deadlifts, relatively heavy density pull ups, and of course some exercises to increase gun size for the upcoming sleeveless summer we all dream about.

Charge - One charge day this block. Go hard on each interval, use the rest by concisely trying to decrease the heart rate and prepare for the next effort.

Grind - Good ol’ interval style. Great pacing would see all the intervals scored the same. That means starting at a pace that you can maintain as you fatigue. Don’t go out with reckless abandon, keep the self in check, and manage the urge to face plant two-thirds of the way to the finish.

Sustain - This is a bulk of our conditioning work this block. Sustain sounds like cruise control, it is in a way. But that does not mean that it is at school zone speed. Cruise control also works when you are flying down the highway, road soda as a companion and windows down so the hot boxing will begin to dissipate. Needless to say, Sustain does not mean your mama's meatloaf. It is sustainable, but not a cupcake ride. Strap those Depends on tight and suffer in silence as the lungs and muscles start to burn. The limiting factor is typically how much you are willing to not let yourself weasel out of hard work. Stay the course, follow in the footsteps of the ordained and pray you don’t let yourself down.

Cool Down - Core, stretching, and grip strength.


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