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June Coaches Corner 2020

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Welcome Back!! We are so stoked to be back open and able to once again serve our community by promoting health and fitness as an antidote to chaos. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us through this challenging time, and hopefully “we” as a community will come out stronger on the other end for it.

Here is a quick overview of how the program will play out or the next couple of weeks. The last block was 3 weeks long, the upcoming block will be 4 weeks long. Then we will be back on the monthly block system that we typically use. We are continuing to monitor the pertinent information about cleaning protocols and are doing our very best to keep the gym clean and safe for all who use it. This also affects how we are able to program because we are limited by space and equipment as far as sharing racks and barbells etc. So bare with us as we continue to try to be as innovative as we can, to get you stronger and more durable with also being as respectful of everyone's space.

Strength work for the next 3 weeks. One day is some heavy hinging, paired with some heavy vertical pushing. Another day is some heavy lunging paired with some shoulder healthy vertical pulling. Two days per week, we will be doing some Interval Weight Training (IWT), which we are calling “Charge," more on that later…It is some heavy lifting followed immediately by some hard breathing. And our “Sustain” day will continue as usual with some minor changes to how they are formatted form week to week, but the intent will stay the same.

We are working on a comprehensive system in which the athletes will be able to look at the title of a workout piece and then be able to understand the intent behind the desired adaptation we are looking to achieve by what energy system we are trying to train. This is just a quick overview and will hopefully give you an idea of what we trying to do…

Build/Ignite - Anaerobic Alactic energy system. Primarily uses Creatine Phosphate for fuel. Sometimes referred to as CP training. This system is used primarily for heavy weightlifting and short powerful bursts of intensity, lasting roughly 0-20 seconds. “anaerobic” means without oxygen and “alactic” means without lactate. Full 100% Effort.

Charge - Anaerobic Lactic energy system. Primarily uses lactate as fuel. Lactate is a byproduct of intense work. Charge training typically starts at around 30 seconds and can last upwards of 4-5 minutes. Durations can also drift into longer efforts depending on the intent of programming within the cycle. It is at an intense pace of work that is unsustainable long term in the presence of lactate. Training in this zone can help boost power output, and because this type of training is very metabolically demanding, it can help the body adapt to stress.

Grind/Sustain - Aerobic energy system. This type of training is typically longer in nature and always repeatable. The aerobic system is the foundation upon which all other systems reside. The more robust your aerobic capacity the greater your ability to play hard and recover faster. Aerobic pacing is fluent over time, the more your fitness improves, the more work you can do at the same perceived exertion.

All three systems are always in use, the duration and intensity of each activity determine what system is being used the most. They all need to be trained in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner, with the Aerobic system needing the most time and also providing the biggest long term performance and health benefits.


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