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Coaches Corner February 2023

Cold days, snowy days and training days.

Build - Some basic Strength triplets. Some of the movements are new. Pay attention to where your body is in space, what do you feel, what is working and what is not? At the end of the day, the responsibility lies upon the exerciser to live the change they want. Be present during the movements, stay diligent with making progress week to week, and be patient for those changes to become cemented. Most of the movements on these days are single limb, and may take some getting use to. The concepts are all the same, hinge is a hinge, squat is a squat, from there, the devil is in the details.

Build & Grind 1 & 2 - Two days this block will be of similar format. Each workout has essentially four parts. The EMOM part of (Every Minute on the Minute), is for building in weight and thinking about it as more of strength work. Make the weight challenging for you, for the reps called out for. The AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) portion of the workout should be done at a pace that is hard but sustainable, with this time domain, you are working really hard, but able to have the same output across the entire effort. Every day is full body. Eat well and don’t treat you body like an amusement park and what for the gains to roll in.

Charge - Going really hard on these efforts…Trying to repeat it each interval. We are touching the anaerobic world here, going too hard to have complete sustainability. One of the reasons we do not do these efforts a whole lot is that when done correctly, they produce a huge metabolic effect, and can, if done a lot, create quite a bit of unmanaged waste products and fatigue. But done sparingly can have a great positive impact on general and performance fitness.

Grind - From an intensity standpoint, these should be slightly lower than the Charge work, still. hard, but fully repeatable each round. Go at a pace and use a loading plan that allows for consistent output each round. Break up your sets early if needed, knowing that as time stretches out, fatigue will build. The first and last round should look the same, they will not feel the same, but feelings are not always the best objective metric.

Sustain - Longer efforts. Should have a lower intensity than the Grind efforts. Because the durations are longer, the rate of force output will be lower. Slower pace, still consistent in delivery, quick transitions and steady breathing. Not easy, just different.

Cool Down - Stretching and Mobility.


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