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Coaches Corner December 2021

There is really no need to mention how time flies, this is something we all are very aware of. It goes without saying that time is slipping through our very fingers even as these words are laid down. We live very fortunate existences, to be able to do what we do, interact as we do, and cultivate the friendships and lives that we do. There is no place we would rather be, and no place we would rather be doing it. So thank you for all the support, and thank you for putting your faith in us at Targhee Athletics.

Now to discuss the inevitable, upcoming emotional and physical distress that has been penned in, and that is vital to building better humans.

Build - Ski Fit is still going strong three days a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next three weeks of this four-week block. The strength piece on these days has changed, but the general theme of building extensive muscular leg endurance, total body strength, and coordination to better prevent injuries through unforeseen impacts, remains goal number one. Over the next couple weeks, we will be doing some loaded isometrics to build strength in weak positions, and continue to hit the shoulders from various angles and loading strategies to keep the gains coming. There are a couple of staple movements, one being the Romanian Deadlift, and some new faces, such as the Tall Plank Row + Press, designed to tax the vulnerable obliques and force some extreme shoulder mobility into the bargain. On one of the days that is not centered around Ski Fit, we will be concentrating a little bit more on hitting strength work via building up to heavy loads performed for low reps, then some “toning” stuff, with Every Minute on the Minute intervals. We are all about the “tone” here at Targhee Athletics.

Charge - We have changed our Wednesday’s schedule so we can crank up the intensity a little bit. We spent the first three weeks building a base of volume and intensity with our Grind sessions. For the next three weeks, we want to ramp it up and push hard, rest and repeat. We have some 1:1 work to rest ratio intervals coming. Plenty of rest, the goal is to almost sprint each AMRAP at a very hard BUT sustainable pace…In real-time that looks like if we had to go ten more seconds past the required time limit…the rev limiter would be screaming, and causing mechanical failures across the board. We want to flirt with that redline. Maybe play a little bit of chicken with the piece of your soul that is crying stop, today is not the day we want to die.

Sustain - Because of the volume we are pushing with the legs, and the “toning” we are doing with the rest of the body. One of the days is focused on a little bit lighter weights, and easy Erg pacing. Easy is relative and “toning” is subjective. But building aerobic animals one day at a time is paramount, and one of the many sole focuses that we are always thinking about as we arrange our training curriculum to account for shifts in emotional eating and seasonal depression, due to a lack of sunlight. We exist because of the bad habits that our society totes as freedom of individual expression, God bless America. Pass the potato salad.

Cool Down - Core, Glute Medius muscular endurance and shoulder mobility.


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